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Lobelia Cardinalis
Lobelia Cardinalis

Lobelia Cardinalis

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📦 Order Includes:
🌱6-8~ stems(shoots) of 2-3"~ long Lobelia Cardinalis Purple (it may be more green when grown in submerged)

⭐️ 100% Pest, Algae and Snail FREE!! 100% Guaranteed!
⭐️ Completely safe for delicate shrimps and fish. Aquarists appreciate them for their compact growth and purity.

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🌿Lobelia Cardinalis is almost fully purple when grown emmersed. It will be more green when grown in submerged. In open aquariums it grows above the water surface, where it forms very beautiful scarlet flowers and the leaves regain their colour. Can be used in garden ponds.
In aquariums the leaves turn a beautiful shade of light-green which are purple underneath, with stems 10-30 cm tall and 5-10 cm wide. Widely used in Dutch aquariums in so-called "plant streets''.

🌿 Care:
Tank size(Minimum): 10 Gal
Care: Easy
Temperature: 72-82
PH: 6.5-7.6
Max Size: 12"
CO2: Low
Lighting: Low
Aquascape Ideas: 1) midground placement 2) Can be scaped with fast growing plants

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